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Too Mini Acres Mossy Oak
17 Mar 2011 ~ 1st generation, Pendulous Ears

Sire: Spots of Sandale Silver Bullet (Nubian)
          SS: Spots of Sandale Boone Doc (Nubian)
          SD: Spots of Sandale Annie B (Nubian)

Dam: Faithful Acres Elaine (F3)
           DS:  Faithful Acres Reuben (F2)
           DD: Mini Blessings Magnolia (F4)

Green Gables Lunar Eclipse
3 Jan 2012 ~ 5th generation, Pendulous Ears

56.25% Nubian / 43.75% Nigerian Dwarf

Sire: Green Gables SS Solar Flare *B (F4)
          SS: +B Echo Hill's Shining Star (F4)
          SD: Green Gables USG Trillium 2*P (F3)

Dam: Green Gables USG Monte Cristo 2*P (F4)
           DS: +*B Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *V (F4)
           DD: Green Gables CB Ivory 1*P (F3)

Peachynga GFFR Morpheus
14 Apr 2012 ~ 2nd generation, Blue Eyes, Pendulous Ears

Photo coming soon

Sire: Goat Feather Farm Romeo (F4)
          SS: Winters Moon Snow Drift (F3)
          SD: Winters Moon Oreo (F3)

Dam: Finali Farm Juliette (F1)
           DS: Beloved Easter Story
           DD: Cruzin Acres Jane's Promise (Nubian)

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